Size and style

With any type of furniture the most important consideration should always be the size of the furniture and its style. You need to ensure that the piece will be a good fit for the room you intend to place it in at home by this we mean that the piece is a suitable size. There is nothing more upsetting than a piece of furniture that is too big to fit the environment within the home. A piece that looks oversized will not look good in any room whether a piece is too wide, long or deep can seriously affect how it will look also furniture pieces can look too small in larger rooms and become lost in them.

Furniture showrooms are designed and organised in such a way it shows a piece of furniture to the best effect. Often they are displayed in open-plan spaces that look quite different to the typical rooms in a home environment. You should always pay very close attention to the measurements to the piece of furniture you are buying. And think carefully about the dimensions and shape of the room you are intending to put the piece of furniture in.

It is always best to consider where the doors, radiators and plug sockets are within the room. The simple fact is whilst a piece of furniture might look fantastic in a showroom or in a photograph you will never know exactly what a piece of furniture will look like in your home until it's actually there, by that point of course you will have bought the piece of furniture and if you decide that it isn't right and isn't suited to a particular room, it will be too late.

Considering the size, measurement, shape and style of furniture very carefully is the best insurance policy you can take out to avoid being disappointed.

Flexibility and versatility

It might be that you have a specific type of furniture - even a specific brand or model - that you are looking for and the searching online for that piece of furniture will always be a great way of getting hold of your ideal piece at a low price, however most people will just be looking for something that will tick their boxes and is suitable for their needs.

Having an open mind and thinking in a flexible way is always sensible when looking at furniture, Some furniture pieces are specifically designed to be multi-functional, such as cupboards. But functionality and multi-use options can come from many pieces of furniture. A dining table, depending on its size, might be used as a family dining table, a breakfast table, or even as a desk. A sideboard can have many uses. Therefore, it's always wise when looking at the listings of furniture to take the time to browse all the listings, approach your search with an open mind. You never know what you might find.

Buying wooden furniture

A large proportion of furniture will be made from different types of wood, this is the most popular material for furniture and most people consider hardwood furniture - solid woods such as oak, maple, and sheesham wood - to be the best quality. This is certainly true and solid hardwood furniture does trend to be the strongest, longer-lasting and durable that you can buy.

Sometimes, veneer furniture is cheaper it can look beautiful and is usually long lasting too. Due to the solid wood being a natural material it can be prone to problems such as splitting and warping which over time will give your piece of furniture it's own character . When a wood veneer is bonded to the solid core wood the chances of such splitting and cracking occurring is greatly reduced. Veneers are highly suited for use in furniture components such as doors and back panels and such pieces will actually be considerably stronger than if a piece of solid wood were used instead. If solid woods were used, the item would be heavier, cost more and have a greater impact on the environment. All in all, veneer is an important type of wood in furniture and actually has many advantages. Having said that, you should still consider the type of woods that are used in furniture. For example, pine is much better suited to pieces that do not have to withstand considerable weight or pressure over long periods of time.

Re-purposing furniture

As previously mentioned, keeping an open mind when buying furniture and being open to all potential uses a piece of furniture will have. Another option is to re-purpose a piece completely. A common trend in home design in recent years is to re-paint wooden furniture to give a piece a completely different look. For example, you might not be thinking about furniture made from dark woods as an option because you don't think it will fit in with interior design and colour schemes in your home - but painting over the piece in all sorts of colours is possible. And Of course, the same is true of metal furniture too.

Here are some tips to consider when buying furniture of certain types:

Dining Chairs

Comfort and functionality are both important when looking at which dining chairs to buy. Check the construction of a dining chair as they are likely to get a lot of use. Stronger materials are a wise choice as these dining chairs will be longer lasting and more durable. Think about how the chairs fit under the dining table and whether the legs of the table will get in the way when several people are sat around the table. It's also worth considering how dining chairs might be used in other spaces around the home - possibly as additional seating in a lounge, or perhaps to be placed in the hallway or conservatory.

TV units/entertainment centres

These days TV units have a far wider range of uses then they used to. Gone are the days when they essentially just provided a space to accommodate a television and maybe a video or DVD player. Now televisions tend to much slimmer, much larger and most people have a wider range of media and entertainment devices in the home. As well as a DVD player, you might need space for a games console and digital box, for example. It's important that the design of a TV unit lends itself to your particular needs. The amount of shelving space or drawers on offer is important. You also need to consider how a TV unit will fit into the room. Units that are specifically designed to be placed in the corner of a room are a particularly useful way of saving space. Check that a unit has cable holes so that wires and leads can be stored neatly and out of view behind the unit.

finding high quality furniture for your property . It is an option that you can approach with complete confidence. Follow the advice given in this buyer’s guide to ensure that your search is a successful one. By doing a bit of research and taking common sense steps such as being absolutely sure that the size furniture fits the dimensions of your home – and that you choose styles and materials that are best suited to your needs – will mean that you will able to find furniture that will last for years in your home.

Buying Veneer

Veneer is not prone to splitting and warping but has it's own problems with day to day use such as scratches and knocks which cannot be repaired so easily and may affect the look of the piece of furniture.